10 ways to prove yourself as a better UI Designer

As a designer or developer we constantly face new challenges every day. But many times we start to work on same kind of projects. After a few hiccups we know what kind of problems may come in that particular software or platform and what are their possible solutions. This situation has one big advantage. We know that we are confident about that software or about that platform. We are going to be an expert on that software but on the other side we become a little reluctant about exploring new things. We become a little lazy. Our brain cells become a little inactive. Here are 10 tips on how to be active even in that lazy period and improve as a better UI designer or developer.

1. Accept Clients for Freelance Work

As a web designer we do some specific works like reading clients specification, mails, getting client feedback etc but accepting freelance work will help us to improve in some managerial skill too. Like direct interaction with client , pricing, discussion about projects with the client, coordinating with developer or SEO guy. This will help in our career as a project manager a lot.

2. Try a New Type of Layout

Rules are meant to be broken. Off course we need to follow certain rules but to give our brain a little food we can always try something new something unconventional to give our audience a nudge.

3. Seek Out Feedback and Constructive Criticism

We always get feedback from our client for every project , but  getting a feedback from a fellow UI designer or developer is also a moral booster. You can try Concept feedback or Forrst where you can upload your works and get honest feedback of the designer community.

4. Blog

Blogging is also a great way of showing your experty. Whether you are sharing a tutorial or creating some new articles the active design community will always be there for you.

5. Experiment with a New Content Management System

CMS is the most happening thing nowadays. If you have not try any of them like wordpress, drupal, magento or oxid, try to start working with one of them, If you are expert in any of them try another one as each one has its own features and advantages.

6. Use HTML5 and CSS3

These two are the next big thing. So trying a few things with them will always put you ahead of others.

7. Answer Questions on Forums

This is really a nice way to increase your knowledge. Solving problem for others will not only make you popular among the designer community also it will help you to clear some of your doubts.

8. Take Up Photography

This can be a cool hobby as well as learning the basics of photography will help you a lot as a designer.

9. Identify Your Weak Areas

As a human being we are our best judge. Ask yourself question about your strong and weak points and try to work on those areas.

10. Sell Themes or Templates

This will help to evaluate a designer how good he or she is. He will be in direct contact with lots of potential buyers and can improve his work from their feedback.

I am really thankful to vandelaydesign.com Their articles are real inspiration to me.


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